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Research centres

Sustainable Development Research Centre
Leader: Prof. emeritus Dr. György Kocziszky
Key research areas:
  • Modeling the interaction of sustainable development at the macro, meso and micro levels at social, economic, and environmental levels. 
  • Clarification of the concept of a sustainable development trajectory, selection of indicators to serve as a basis for its measurability. 
  • Review of the methodology of ex-post and ex-ante investigations, critical examination of its applicability.
Fintelligence Research Centre 
Leader: Prof. Dr. Tibor Pál
Key research areas:
  • A better understanding of the processes that shape and define the financial culture, strengthening consumer and financial awareness and consciousness. 
  • The use of data assets and information technology in decision support. 
  • Examining the development of household financial accounts in Central and Eastern European countries at different stages of the economic cycle.
Management and Enterprise Development Research Centre 
Leader: Prof. emerita Dr. Mária Illés
Key research areas:
  • Public services in a changing environment. 
  • Characteristics, operation and development opportunities of social enterprise. 
  • Examining the economic, social and environmental sustainability of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Marketing Research Centre
Leader: Prof. Dr. István Piskóti
Key research areas:
  • Social marketing: Stakeholder management based solutions for social innovations. 
  • Smart city marketing: measuring and managing the value of the city brand - smart marketing solutions for creating a smart city.
  • Digital marketing and society.
  • Green marketing and consumption.
Strategy and Technology Development Research Centre
Leader: Prof. Dr. Károly Balaton
Key research areas:
  • Environmental factors influencing corporate strategies.
  • Characteristics of economic and technological innovations, the process of their formation.
  • Types of strategic innovations, the relationship between strategic and technological innovations, the relationship between strategic and organizational innovations.
Landscape and Settlement Research Centre
Leader: Prof. Dr. Tamás T. Sikos
Key research areas:
  • Research of peripheral areas.
  • The impact of e-commerce on settlements.
  • Applicability of drone technology in settlement morphology research.
Social Innovation Development Research Centre
Leader: Veresné Prof dr Somosi Mariann
Key research areas:
  • Measurability and measurement of social innovation potential at the macro-, meso- and micro-level.
  • Creating and supporting social innovation through neuro-fuzzy models and artificial intelligence systems.
  • The role of networking in the implementation of successful social innovations.
Spatial Economy Research Centre
Leader: Prof. Dr. József Benedek
Key research areas:
  • Exploring the development peculiarities of European and Hungarian cities, regional centers.
  • Changes in the world economic positions of centers, world economic phenomena, development of processes in the globalized world economy.
  • Factors of regional development and growth.