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Enhance your career and earning potential with an MBA @ University of Miskolc in Hungary. Be smart now. Make an impact tomorrow.
We offer a high-standard full-time MBA program according to the Bologna System to international students. Not only do we provide our students with thorough theoretical foundations but also put emphasis on improving their business skills through the Faculty's active and extensive relations with industry leaders and top companies.
Our widely recognized full-time MBA program is particularly useful for the next generation of managers and leaders. It is a unique training with a focus on simulations, peer learning, professional debates, and solving case studies. It allows you to further develop your business and leadership skills, to meet and work in teams with talented students from top companies in varied industries, and to create professional networks. We offer a wide range of courses in business during the four-semester program: Accounting and Finance, Business Communication, Corporate Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Quantitative Statistical Methods, Research Methodology, World Economics, Strategic Management and Managerial Decision Support, Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Service Management Case Studies, SAP Business Administration, Project Management, Change Management, Personality Development, and Conflict Management, Quality Management, Production and Innovation Management. The multiple objectives of our MBA program are to develop your in-depth knowledge of management topics; build and test your career plans through specialized course options (modules); broaden your horizons by studying alongside students from a vast range of backgrounds; learn through practical applications with case studies,  and prepare to take on highest paying jobs with major responsibilities in tomorrow's demanding economic environment.
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