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Dean's welcome

Dear Visitor,
Today's rapid changes pose serious challenges to Hungarian higher education, including the training of economists. The demands of the labor market are constantly growing, and they are looking for economists who speak at least one foreign  language at the level required to practice the profession and who have work experience in addition to theoretical knowledge.
The four-level education offered by the Faculty of Economics ranging from, the 4-semester higher education vocational training, through the 6-7 semester bachelor programs and the four-semester master's programs, to the 6-semester doctoral program, meet these expectations. We also offer full-time MBA and Ph.D. programs of high-prestige to our international students. In Hungary, we are one of the Faculties that offer the widest selection of study programs in the field of business and economics.
In recent years, we have introduced and implemented an integrated student experience service model that integrates talent management, competency measurement and development, practice-oriented solutions, and catching up.
The practice orientation of our study programs is very strong. Our students can not only get acquainted with their future tasks at the seminars but also get in touch with companies and institutions, where they can learn the tricks of their future profession in a real business environment. Our solutions include an Audit Office, SAP Lab, GIS Lab, just to mention a few. Together with our strategic partner Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft., we created a Lean management specialization in the Logistics Management program on a dual basis.
Today, without language skills, our students can hardly be successful in business. Being part of our vivid international community is an excellent opportunity for you to deepen your language skills. Student mobility programs offered by our Faculty also serve this purpose. We encourage our students to take part in shorter or longer study abroad programs and also in summer internships abroad. 
We are pleased that our graduates find their dream jobs without any difficulty and make progress in their careers. We are also proud of the strong cohesion between graduates of our Faculty.  
I wish you every success in your studies and life!
Sincerely yours, 
Veresné Prof. Dr. Somosi Mariann
university professor, dean