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Entrepreneurial Agora

The Entrepreneurial Agora program was established under the auspices of the Institute of Business Administration of the Faculty of Economics within the framework of the EFOP 3.4.3-16-2016-00015 project entitled FŐNIX ME ”- Renewable University Institutional Developments in Higher Education for the Joint Improvement of the Quality and Accessibility of Higher Education.
The AGORA team began to work in 2018. Seven mentor instructors and ten mentor students are supporting students who want to start their own business after graduation. The team is backed up by several Hungarian entrepreneurs, who share their experience with the wannabe entrepreneurs and, provide them with practical advice and innovative up-to-date entrepreneurial ideas.
Entrepreneurial AGORA aims to:
  • embrace and support wannabe entrepreneurs (students of the University of Miskolc) having the ambition and talent to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.
  • help them develop their business ideas, business plan, and start their own business
  • help to overcome the problems that may arise.
Some of our achievements: 
  • AGORA BOOK  – Principles of Entrepreneurship - From Business Idea to Market Success has been published, which provides young mentored students with business knowledge.
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE – It has been created in Google Drive to provide short, up-to-date educational materials and videos.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP EVENTS - Successful entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial experiences with the participants.  Also, bank specialists, accountants, tax advisors, tax office representatives are invited to make interesting presentations on the hot topics of entrepreneurship. 
  • WORKING GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALIZED MENTOR PROGRAM focusing on the individual skills and the business ideas of the mentored student. Usually, one or two mentor teachers and mentor students work together with one mentored student in a workgroup.
  • HOTLINE – to answer instant questions online or in-person in AGORA Club (Room 405, Institute of Economics)