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Business Club

The Business Club aims to create an informal meeting point for students with prominent business people and successful entrepreneurs, to hear directly from them about the key to business success, their personal stories behind their successful carrier, and to get useful advice from them.
The Business Club holds its events every two weeks in Hungarian and every two weeks in English during the autumn and spring semesters. Our guests are well-known businessmen and entrepreneurs from different areas of business, with different organizational backgrounds and positions. In the first part of their presentation, they outline the main stages of their business careers, followed by a question-and-answer section, an informal conversation.   
Business Club events have been established within the framework of the project EFOP 3.4.3-16-2016-00015 entitled “FŐNIX ME” - Renewable University Higher Education Institutional Developments for the Joint Improvement of the Quality and Accessibility of Higher Education, with the support of the Institute of Management Sciences in 2019.