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GTK and MFK students triumphed in international competition

27. October 2021. 10:05
Between 16 and 18 October 2021, with the support and organisation of the ProSkill project, our university hosted the first 'János Zámbó International Case Study Competition', an international case study solving competition in English, where teams from universities in Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary could compare their skills in solving a complex problem in the fields of management and natural resources.
In a tough competition, our team of students from the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Earth Sciences excelled and won the first place!
The competition pitted teams of five students from each institution against each other. The teams presented their solutions in English to a panel of 3 judges after working through the problem. Each presentation was followed by a 10-minute discussion.
The members of the 1st place team from the University of Miskolc:
  • Dániel Bedő Tibor (MFK - TEKH Szakkollégium).
  • Benedek Bodnár (MFK - TEKH Szakkollégium)
  • Petra Gál (GTK - Hantos Elemér Szakkollégium)
  • Madarász Laura (GTK - Hantos Elemér Szakkollégium)
  • Zsombor Oláh (MFK - TEKH Szakkollégium)
Final result of the competition:
1st place: University of Miskolc 
2nd place: Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia 
3rd place: Silesian University of Technology, Poland.
Special prize: Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
We congratulate all participants of the competition and wish them further excellent results!