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  1. General Information

Professional Program Institute:   University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Management Sciences

Administration:   Building A/4; 3rd floor, Room 311.

Office hours:        Monday-Thursday: 8:00-16:00,

                                 Friday: 8:00-13:30 (office hours can differ during the examination period                                  / by appointment)

Phone:                    +36 46 565111 ext. 1730


Head of Institute:             Prof. Dr. Mariann Veres-Somosi, associate professor

Head of Program:            Dr. István Kunos, associate professor

Program Manager:          Kucsma Daniella, associate lecturer

Phone:                                +36 46 565111 1282




Level of training:              Master (magister, master, MA)

Training course:               correspondence course (courses on Fridays and Saturdays)

Field of training:               Economics

Name of Qualification:   Master of Business Administration

Duration:             4 semesters

Language of Training:    English



Tuition fee must be paid in the beginning of every semester through the Neptun Information System. (For assistance please read the information on the university’s webpage linked here The tuition fee is determined by the Dean’s Office in every semester. For more information about tuition fee reduction and part-payment please contact the Dean’s Office.


The goal of the program is to train professionals who have all the relevant knowledge from all sectors of business life and a strategic approach to ensure the development and sustainment of the enterprises. The graduate is familiar with the international trends of the global economy and able to control organizations, activities of the companies and the human resource as well. This program also would like to enhance progress in the candidate’s career and to prepare the graduates to continue their studies in doctoral training.

a) Graduates are familiar with:

business and management knowledge,

business processes, standards and communication,

relevant literature.


b) Graduates are able to:

plan, organize, and control the work processes of both public and private sector  of Hungarian and international level,

manage the analyses, reports, surveys, and work in teams,

recognize business issues, to solve problems, make decisions, collect information and analyze them

identify strategic issues and solve them.


c) Necessary personal skills and abilities:

commitment for quality in professional life,

problem-recognition and problem-solving skills,

innovational skills,

critical analytic skills and assertivity,

managerial skills,

holistic business thinking,

tolerance and the ability to recognize synergetic opportunities,

social sensitivity and business ethics

oral and written communicational skills.



Everyone who graduated in one of the programs listed below can apply to our MBA program. The program is particularly useful and interesting for those who have a few years of work experience in a managerial position and for those also who want to get to leading position. Our program is not a mass training rather small group elite training. For this reason peer learning, professional debates and solving case studies  is really important in our courses.



All credits of the BA (bachelor) programs below can be taken into consideration:

Business and management

Finance and Accounting

International Business


Engineering Management

Other bachelor programs which can be considered for credit recipience:

Human Resource Management


Applied Economics

Economical analyzer

Public management

Business trainer

At least 60 credits from the listed courses must be acquired by the student in the past studies (according to the tertiary education law):


-Basic Methodological tools (15 credits): mathematics, statistics, informatics;

-Basics of  Economics (10 credits): micro- and macroeconomics, international economics, Environmental Economics, Theory of economy, Business statistics, History of economical theories, Economical Modeling, Economical policies, Functional and sector economics, Social economics, Economy of the EU and the World, Public management;

Basic business studies (10 credits): Corporate business, Finance, Business Law, Decision making theory, Business Ethics, Business Communication;

- Basics of social sciences (10 credits): EU studies, general legal and business studies, History of economics, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy;

Professional studies (15 credits): Organizational behavior, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Production Management, Management & Organizations, Controlling, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management


The entry criteria to MBA course to have at least 30 credits from the courses mentioned and relevant working experience. (3 year working experience with bachelor or college degree or 2 year working experience with master or university degree) The missing credits of the entry criteria must be acquired during the program within the first two semesters.



Language criteria to receive the master degree:

B2 complex English language exam

B2 complex professional language exam related to the training (for e.g. commercial)

C1 complex language exam

or equivalent degree or exam



All the forms regarding to the trainings of the Faculty of Economics can be found on the website linked below:

All the regulations regarding to the trainings of the Faculty of Economics can be found on the website linked below:



The curriculum is downloadable here:

The Seminar and Work Degree subjects are to support the students with consultation to write their thesis.



The training ends with the defense of the final thesis and with final examination by the examination committee. The final thesis is a written paper in analyzing the discipline’s general theoretical and/or practical problem. The thesis is an original work representing the candidates’ knowledge in the Hungarian and international literature and proving the experience and ability to create an own strategy, solve problems in a creative way, using the marketing and management tools to design, realize and control. The list of the subjects for the final thesis is shown on the webpage of the institutes. All the other issues are handled by the Final Thesis Regulation (Szakdolgozati Szabály)

The student finishes the studies (by receiving the absolutorium) when he/she:

passes all the exams,

achieves 120 credits,

and write the final thesis.

The student can pass the final exam when he/she :

receives the absolutorium

the final thesis is accepted by the two reviewer,

the final thesis is defended,

and the professional complex final exam is passed.

The students receive the thesis of the professional complex final examination which are based on the management and economical curricula. Subjects of the complex final examination: Management and organization, Human Resource Management, Production Management, Intercultural Management, Innovation Management, Finance, Quantitative Statistical Methods, International Economics.

Grade of the diploma is determined by the formula below:





Dm=       grade of diploma,

SZTá = average of the basic core and professional courses,

SZDMá =              grade of the reviewers of the final thesis,

SZDV= grade of the defense of the final thesis,

KV =      grade of professional complex final exam