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The area studies have started in the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics, Department of Regional Economicsin the middle of the 1980s. Initially the main research topics and field of the analysis were the effects of the Northern Hungarian region’s location, the causes of spatial crisis, and the search for possibilities to managing crisis.

In the past twenty years the palette of the research topics was deepening. This gave a possibility for the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Economics in 2014 to concentrate spatial economic researches of the institutes and to establish the Centre for Area Studies.

Prof. Dr. József Benedek


  • spatial convergence and divergence

  • causes of spatial inequalities and its social consequences

  • spatial economic effects of fiscal and monetary easing

  • role of big cities in the changing global economic space

  • spatial econometric modelling of territorial interactions


  • CESCI: Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives
  • Leibnitz Institute für Länderkunde, Leipzig
  • Regional Statistics journal, Publisher: Hungarian Central Statistical Office
  • The Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Economics, Department of Regional Science and Management
  • University of Babes-Bólyai, Faculty of Geography, Hungarian Section


Prof. Dr. József Benedek
Leader of the Research Centre

Prof. Dr. György Kocziszky

Dóra Szendi
Assistant lecturer