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Name of Doctoral School: Hantos Elemér Business and Regional Sciences Doctoral School
Address of Doctoral School: H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros
Web page of Doctoral School:
Disciplinary classification: social sciences
Branch of science: management and organizational sciences, regional sciences

Branch of science of PhD degree:
- Management and organizational sciences, Regional sciences

Accredited and taught Master Programmes:
- Logistics (MAB2008/8/V/29)
- Marketing (MAB2007/8/XII/3/63)
- Master of Business Administration (MAB2008/8/V/30)
- International Economics and Management (MAB2007/8/XII/3/64)
- Regional and Environmental Economics (MAB2007/9/XIII/4/9)
- Accounting (MAB2007/8/XII/3/65)
- Business development (MAB2007/8/XII/3/66)
- Management and Organization (MAB2007/8/XII/3/67)

- Geography (MAB2008/9/X/30.)