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Information leaflet for the academic year 2021/22

Entry requirements and application procedures

A) Taught PhD programme

  • full time training: fee-paying courses, courses for students awarded 2+2-year governmental or other grants, regular student status
  • part-time training: fee-paying courses with individualised curriculum combined with taught courses for students who wish to continue working whilst studying for their PhD, no grants are awarded

Eligibility and entry requirements

  • students enrolled in the final year of their Master’s studies, but have not received their degree required for admission, students with a Master’s Degree. (Degrees awarded overseas will be accepted under international agreements in force of the countries concerned, or in the absence of such agreement the degree can be accepted only if the degree, under the legislation of the country where it was awarded, makes the candidate eligible for applying for admission to the doctoral school edaquate to the Hungarian one. In other questions regulations on the recognition of foreign certificates and degrees of the Hungarian Ministry of Education are applicable).
  • successfully passed (state) final exams and Masters Degree with at least ‘good’ or ‘cum laude’ honours (applications for PhD students with individual study plans not involved in taught programme will be considered individually on the basis of the candidate’s former certified scientific achievements by the Committee of Doctoral School, degrees below these levels may be accepted).
  • type ‘C’ level state-accredited intermediate language exam in English, or language proficiency equivalent to a type “C” intermediate state language exam (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at least a B2 level language exam is required from one of the major European languages - English, German, French, Spanish or Russian)
  • sufficient proficiency in the chosen field of research
  • preference is given to those with formally certified academic/professional achievements (e.g. publications, Pro Scientia Gold medal, partial university studies in a foreign countries, awards at Scientific Students’ Conferences, etc.).

Criteria for approval
The Admission Committee conducts an entrance interview to ascertain the candidates’ proficiency in the chosen field of research, conception of the doctoral work, further scientific plans, formal academic/professional achievements, aptitude for creative research work, and language proficiency. The Admission Committee scores the candidates’ performance on a 100-point scale, ranks them and makes a decision about their admission or refusal. The pass score is 60 points; this is a prerequisite, but does not mean automatic admission to the programme. The candidates are shortlisted and ranked. The list is forwarded to the Doctoral Committee of the Faculty, which makes proposals for admission of the candidates taking into consideration the quotas, funds, capacities and school facilities determined by the Doctoral Committee of the University. The final decision on candidates is made by the Doctoral Committee of the University. Applicants who are waiting for the delivery of diplomas required for admission are pre-admitted only conditionally. They are finally admitted only if they have been awarded Master’s Degree with at least ‘good’ or‘ cum laude’ honours. Candidates who have been admitted to the full-time programme are entitled to a 2+2-year government grant, the sum of which is currently 140,000 HUF/month during the first two years, and 180,000 HUF/month in the second 2-year period. They can receive accommodation in student hostels if a reasonable justification is provided and pay tuition fees pursuant to regular student status. Part-time PhD students involved in individual preparation apart from taught programme must meet the same examination requirements as full-time PhD students. They can perform their research and educational work at their workplaces if the facilities are adequate. They pay tuition fees and are not awarded grants.

B) PhD students with individual study plans not involved in taught programme

For the 2016/17 academic year this option is temporarily unavailable for candidates.

Candidates shall have at least three years of employment and formally proven initial scientific research achievements (e.g. publications, a degree, lectures, books, teaching materials, participation in national and international conferences, etc.) and the possibility to continue scientific research partly or entirely at the candidates’ full-time workplace. Eligibility and entry requirements are the same as in the case of full-time students.

Eligibility and entry requirements are the same as in the case of full-time students.

Application procedure

The call for application and the application form can be downloaded from the website of the University of Miskolc. Regulations for Doctoral Programmes and for the Award of Doctoral Degrees of the University of Miskolc on the same page provide candidates with further information about PhD studies.

Application for admission to the Doctoral School of 'Enterprise Theory and Practice' is possible in the announced research topics.

The application form can be downloaded from here and the application procedure fee payment form can be requested from the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations (A/4 building, office 112). The application form along with all the appropriate supporting documents required must be submitted to the Office of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations of the university by 10 May (yearly).

Closing date for applications: 10 May (yearly)
Date of entrance interview: June (yearly)
Date of final decision: July (yearly)
Date for applications for hostel accommodation on line: 20-29 July (yearly)

Scholarships and funding available for PhD students from the government and instituton:
- limited governmental grants for PhD students
- hostel accommodation for full-time PhD students awarded governmental grants
- social allowances
- language classes for full-time PhD students
- use of faculty and university library facilities and other infrastructure

Fees and charges
Full-time students not awarded governmental grants and students involved in other programmes pay tuition fees according to the national and university legislation in force

Application procedure fee: €150
Tuition fee for

  • full-time students: €3,500/semester
  • part-time students: €2,000/semester
  • students with individual study plans: 1,500/calendar year

Material costs: €1,500/year

Accomodation in the student hostel
If under the ‘Call for application you are eligible for hostel accommodation, you may apply on-line through the Kollsys system ( using your Neptun code.