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The Department of Finance was founded in 1989 at the Faculty of Economics. From 2002 our department is working as a part of Institut of Business Information and Methodology.

The teaching of subjects belonging to finance and the research activity in this area are the special tasks of the department.

The department not only takes part in the teaching of full-time students of economics but in the teaching of part-time students of economics, students of engineer-economics and engineer-management.

For the sake of the continuous modernization of the teaching program the students have the possibility to try out their theoretical knowledge within the scope of field works. The experience got by the field works are worked up in the framework of the diploma project. For the sake of high level works the department offers regular consultations.

The subjects taught by the department are the followings:

  1. public finances
  2. banking economics
  3. financing economics
  4. budgeting and monetary policy
  5. insurance economics

In addition to the improvement of the curriculum the main research fields are the followings:

  1. company money economy
  2. population banking transactions
  3. the possibilities of source acquisition for small-scale undertakings
  4. the role of the bill of exchange the hungarian economy
  5. questions of company capital structure and capital cost

The department endeavours to develop its international connections. It has connections going back to several years with universities and companies in England, France, Switzerland and Luxemberg. These connections are chiefly realized in conferences, research cooperations and study tours.

The Department of Finance makes efforts to give theoretically established knowledge to the students which can be well used in the practice in order to stand all demands of business life.