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The Department of Accountancy began its activity in 1999, with the formation of the Institute of Business Information and Methods as the successor of the formal Department of Accountancy and Statistics which was founded in 1987.

The department - due to their business school character - concentrates on practice oriented approach, on the education of theoretically established knowledge, which is useful in economical activities, and on theoretical researches.

The educational staff of the department make good use of their knowledge obtained through their practical activities, and accordingly they lay emphasis on the cooperation and connections with the participants of business life like companies, banks and professional chambers.

The education of the department - besides the Faculty of Economics - covers the engineering and legal trainings as well.

Full time, correspondence, postgraduate, MBA and Ph.D students are also taking part in  the research and educational work of the department.

The Institute is the professional leader of the Specialization in Finance and Accounting, and our students are preparing for gaining the knowledge required to manage the financial and accounting processes of  the enterprises and to use it in practice, accordingly there is a large demand for our graduates.

Economists graduating in our institute are high qualified and - without further training and professional practice - they are able to gain qualification as certified accountant.


Main fields of research:

  • Mode of actions of accounting information
  • Cost accounting systems in the business practice
  • Environmental  (Green) accounting
  • Forecasting in accountancy
  • Use of the audit standards in practice
  • Audit of small and medium sized enterprises
  • Management accounting of  small and medium sized enterprises
  • Agricultural accounting
  • Accounting of subsidizations
  •  Accounting of credit institutions
  •  Use of computer science in field of accounting and auditing information
  • Goods for resale accounting
  •  Accounting of non profit organizations
  • Accounting of special situations during the operation of firms
  • State budget accountancy
  • Accounting of consolidated groups


Educational staff of the department

  • Tibor Pál PhD, Head of instituite, associate professor
  • Gábor Gion elnök-vezérigazgató deéoitte
  • Zoltán Musinszki PhD, associate professor
  • Várkonyiné Juhász Mária PhD, associate professor
  • Béla Kántor PhD, associate professor
  • Pál Tiborné, assistant professor
  • László Nagy PhD, assistant professor (part time)
  • Judit Füredi-Fülöp junior assistant professor
  • Zsuzsanna Tóth PhD-Student
  • Anita Demény PhD-Student