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The thematic book on Visegrad countries has been already published (in Spring 2018).


The concept of the book is the following:


Visegrad mosaic – new colours and old contours

Observing and understanding the spatial features of socio-economic processes in East Central Europe

ISBN: 978-963-358-157-5


Coverpage: e-version HERE.

Content: e-version HERE.


The inspiration of the book:

The book includes comparative chapters on the four Visegrad countries; give a detailed description on the selected topics.

The book focuses on the time horizon 2000-2013.


Editor: Kuttor, Dániel

Co-authors (in alphabetic order):

  • Cox, Terry (University of Glasgow)
  • Hudec, Oto (Technical University of Kosice)
  • Kossowski, Tomasz (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan)
  • Kuttor, Dániel (University of Miskolc)
  • Péter, Zsolt (University of Miskolc)
  • Potluka, Oto (IREAS, Institute for Structural Policy)
  • Smetkowski, Maciej (EUROREG, University of Warsaw)
  • Suchacek, Jan (Technical University of Ostrava)