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The Department of Business Statistics and Economic Forecasting began its activity in 1999 with the formation of the Institute of Business Information and Methods as the successor of the formal Department of Accountancy and Statistics which was founded in 1987.

In its education and research activities - due to its business school character - the department is practice-oriented and concentrates on the education of theoretically established knowledge which is useful in economic activities and on theoretical researches establishing them.

Education and research activities of the department besides statistical specialities and related to them centre round enterprise oriented economic analysis and forecasting. The curriculum, the resarch work and fields are used to satisfy the claim and condition of our days. Our aim is to make them match to international requirements. Our department is intent on establishing professional connection with enterprises on the one hand and with professional organizations such as the HCSO and with joint departments on the other.

One of the aims of the department is the practice of scientific results.

We set a high value on our connections in the business world, all of our collaborators personally stand for the utilization of the results of research works made for enterprises in education.

Besides the Faculty of Economics education activity of our department covers the training of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Arts, and Law as well. Our department takes part in the full-time, correspondence, postgraduate, and PhD tuition as well.