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Elective course, MBA students
2020/21 Academic Year, Spring semester

Course syllabus for full-time students


There is an online NetEcon course available in the elearning system of the university, where the course materials may be accessed. Students are automatically assigned to this course, providing they registered NetEcon in Neptun.

Logging in to the elearning system (the Log-in link is on the top right of the screen):

  • The username is either your Neptun code or the email address you have registered in Neptun.
  • Upon first login click the "Forgot your username or password" link, and ask for a new password. A temporary password will be sent to the email address you have registered in Neptun, which you will need to change after logging in.























Elective course, MBA students
2019/20 Academic Year, Spring semester

Course syllabus for full-time students

Course syllabus for part-time students

Lecture slides

Network Economics at ILIAS














Elective course for full-time MBA students (2017/18 academic year)

Time & place of classes: Monday 8:00-9:30, Building A4, Room 421B

Course syllabus


Network Economics at ILIAS

Deadline for sending the presentation slides: 23 April

Test (multiple choice: 23 April, 8:00am, A4/421B

  • Material: topics covered during classes (slides 1-50) + extra slides (56-57; 65-80; 86-88)

Test scores, presentation topics and schedule of presentations (presentations will be made on 7 & 14 May)

About the final grade:

  • Those, who accept their grade calculated from the test & presentation score, please register for the 6 June exam in Neptun - this is how I can record your marks
  • If you want to retake the test, you can register to any of the exam dates in Neptun, and come to retake the exam, but please note: depending on your performance, you can also bring down your overall points with a worse test score


Part-time MBA
2017/18 academic year
Spring semester

Time of classes: 10 March, 3pm; 6 April, 4pm
Place: Building A4 Room 421B

Course syllabus


Student questionnaire: Who wants to take the course this semester & what time slots are OK for the classes? (CLOSED)

Preferred class dates (based on 11 responses)

Time and place of the midterm test: 19 May 2018, 12:00-12:25, Lecture Hall nr. V

  • Suggested learning material: slides 1-50; 56-57; 65-80; 86-88

Essay topics, points & final grade